McCarthy, Urlacher Call It Quits: Will Jenny Stay in Geneva?

It looks like "Brienny," aka America's Cutest Couple, is over. No news on how long McCarthy might stay in Geneva.

Say it isn't so, Jenny and Brian!

You were indeed an adorable couple. But now it's back to being good friends, at least according to People magazine and any number of sources.

Jenny told People magazine Thursday (Aug. 16, 2012) that, sadly, the two were breaking up.

"Brian and I have decided to turn our romance into an amazing friendship," she said in a statement to People.

She promised to be Urlacher's biggest cheerleader and finished the statement with a sentiment we all share: "Go, Bears!"

The story, of course, spread like wildfire, and has since been reported in many places, including the Chicago Sun-Times, the New York Daily News, NBC5 and Sports Illustrated.

America's cutest couple were in sleepy, enchanting Geneva, IL, over the summer. Most recently, their vehicles were spotted parked on River Lane near .

Urlacher, of course, didn't show up to training camp, citing "personal reasons," but he vows that he'll be ready to play by Sept. 9, after orthoscopic knee surgery.

"That's all I care about," he told the Daily Herald's Bob Legere and others. "Sept. 9 is all I care about."

Jenny has been staying in Geneva this summer, and we hope she decides to settle here permanently. No news yet as to whether the romance was the sole reason for her return to her roots in the Chicago area, or whether the breakup will signal a move back to LA.

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snoopcat October 09, 2012 at 01:51 AM
Say,Jenny who were the pregnant girls that were with you at the Chistina Aguilera concert in Dallas?


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