Batavia Football Players Pick Super Bowl Winner

One team is clearly popular among the Bulldogs. They also shared their picks for who should have gone to the championship game. Hint: It ain't the Bears.

So ... who's gonna win Sunday's mighty matchup?

If the program has its way, it's going to be the Giants.

"I'm picking the Giants because they have the superior defense and (quarterback) Eli Manning is really throwing the ball well," said senior Noel Gaspari.

Batavia Patch asked Gaspari, his teammates and Football Head Coach Dennis Piron who will come out on top during this year's Super Bowl.

The answers were gathered during the National Signing Day event on Feb. 1 held at before first period. to Eastern Michigan and Indiana State universities.

The New England Patriots will take on the New York Giants in Indianapolis this Sunday for Super Bowl XLVI (46). Here's our Q+A with the team, including who they thought should have made it to the end.

Bulldog Super Bowl Winner? Final Score? Which Team Should Have Made It? Coach Dennis Piron "It seems like the Giants have become the national favorite to win this game," Piron said. "Who knows what will happen though, but the Giants defensive line is playing so good." Giants 24, Patriots 21 "Probably Green Bay," Piron said. "They were expected to be playing in the Super Bowl but the Giants found a way to beat them." Cole Gardner "I like how New England uses the tight end so much in their game plan," said Gardner, who plays the same position. "I think it'll be high scoring but they'll pull it out." Patriots 42, Giants 35 "The 49ers had the Giants beat," Gardner said. "It was a good game, but the Giants came through in the end." Noel Gaspari "I'm picking the Giants because they have the superior defense and Eli Manning is really throwing the ball well," Gaspari said.
Giants 36, Patriots 34 "The Packers," Gaspari said. "They were the favorite in the NFC and should've won." Austin Lewis "I'm going with the Giants in a close game," Lewis said. "I just think they're going to win." Giants 35, Patriots 28 "The Ravens, but Billy Cundiff (missed a field goal at the end of the AFC title game)."
Alec Lyons "I'm going with the Giants," Lyons said. "Things seem to be going their way so we'll see." Giants 21, Patriots 17 "Probably the Packers, but I don't like them," Lyons said. "They had a great regular season for nothing." Sean Oroni "Eli Manning is too hot right now," Oroni said. "He's going to be tough to stop." Giants 28, Patriots 24 "The 49ers should've gotten there if it wasn't for their kicker."
Evan Zeddies "Tom Brady and the Patriots' offense has too much," Zeddies said. "I think they'll outscore the Giants."
Patriots 30, Giants 26 "The 49ers should've beat the Giants."

To see pictures and read newly added interviews from Batavia's National Signing Day event, see our full-length story .

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