Your Vote: A Guide to the Nov. 6 Election

Dennis Anderson or Randy Hultgren? Corinne Pierog or Jim Oberweis? Andrew Bernard or Kay Hatcher? Chris Lauzen or Sue Klinkhamer? A guide to the ballot choices for Congress, state Senate, state House, Kane County Board chairman and more.

Tri-Cities residents will be choosing congressmen, state Senate and House members, Kane County officers, including county board chairman and coroner, and representation on the county board in contested races on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Notable among the contests is the clash over 6th Congressional District and 14th Congressional District seats. St. Charles and Geneva voters will choose between Barrington Democrat Leslie Coolidge and Wheaton Republican Peter Roskam in the 6th District. Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles voters will choose between Republican Randy Hultgren and Gurnee Democrat Dennis Anderson in the 14th District.

Everything you need to know to make a decision about how to cast your vote can be found on Patch. The links that follow will lead you to candidate profiles and positions, news coverage and candidate blogs.

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Kane County Board Chairman: Susan Landurini Klinkhamer, Democrat, and Chris Lauzen, Republican

Longtime state Sen. Chris Lauzen, R-Aurora, and former St. Charles Mayor Sue Landurini Klinkhamer, D-St. Charles, are vying for leadership of the Kane County Board. Lauzen touts his years of legislative experience and connections at local, state and federal government levels, but Klinkhamer, who has been running a low-profile campaign, offers similar qualifications. Perhaps the biggest difference falls on the issue of whether Kane County should have a county administrator. Lauzen says no, but Klinkhamer says have one would depoliticize some of the county board activities that have drawn fire in recent years. Lauzen counters that tougher ethics regulations at the county level will do the same thing.

 Recent headlines:

  • Oct. 22: Democrat Coroner Candidate Endorses GOP's Lauzen for Kane County Board Chair
  • Oct. 5: Kane County Board Chairman Candidates Go Toe to Toe
  • March 20: Klinkhamer's 'Anti-Campaign' Leads to Primary Victory

County Coroner: Democrat Tao Martinez and Republican L. Robert Russell

This has been a hard-fought, contentious race in Republican L. Robert Russell’s supporters have questioned the endorsements Democrat Tao Martinez has picked up from out-of-state coroners, and has had Martinez backers questioning Russell’s credentials, particularly his claim to have been a lead homicide investigator. Russell is a DuPage County sheriff’s sergeant.

There also was one big surprise in this race: Martinez endorses Republican Chris Lauzen for Kane County Board chairman.

Recent headlines:

  • Oct. 22: Democrat Coroner Candidate Endorses GOP's Lauzen for Kane County Board Chair

County Circuit Clerk: Republican Thomas M. Hartwell and Democrat Edmund James Nendick

County Recorder: Republican Sandy Wegman and Democrat Brenda Rodgers

  • Sandy Wegman
  • Brenda Rodgers

County Board Districts 11 and 14:

Only two of the county board races in the Tri-Cities are contested races. Republican Michael J. Donahue and Democrat: Martha Elaine Hanna are vying for the County Board District 11 seat, while Republican Mark Davoust is challenging Democrat Nadia BlancDaley in County Board District 14.

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Republicans are pushing hard to make House Speaker Mike Madigan and the Democratic majorities in the General Assembly an issue. In the Tri-Cities area, only the 50th State House District and the 25th Senate District races are contested.

  • 50th House District: Andrew Bernard, Democrat, vs. Kay Hatcher, Republican
  • 25th Senate District: Corinne Pierog, Democrat, vs. Jim Oberweis, Republican


Campton Hills village clerk: The village is asking voters if it can appoint the clerk beginning May 1, 2015, instead of have the position continue to be an elected position. The village already has an ordinance in place setting up the framework for making it an appointed position, but voter approval is being sought.

Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue District: Serving St. Charles, Campton and Wayne townships, the district is asking voters if its trustees should be elected rather than appointed.

Kane County advisory public question: The county is asking voters if the U.S. Constitution should be amended to limit the use of corporate, special interest and private funds to influence election of candidates.

Campton Hills warning sirens: The village is asking residents if they are willing to pay Nico $3.50 a month to pay the costs of installing emergency warning sirens in town.

Campton Hills video gaming: This question has been drawing review by a lot of villages that several years ago decided they did not want video gaming. Now that the state finally has its rules in place for video gaming — and since the economy tanked — many communities either are examining the issue for the first time or reviewing earlier decisions to prohibit it.


There are two congressional races affecting the Tri-Cities area, both held by Republicans and both challenged by Democrats, as that party seeks to punch more holes in the traditionally Republican area of Kane County.

6th Congressional District: Peter Roskam vs. Leslie Coolidge

Wheaton Republican Peter Roskam, the incumbent, is intent on holding onto the seat. Bu Roskam appears to have met a formidable challenge in Barrington Democratic Leslie Coolidge, who has garnered a lot of attention during the campaign.

Recent headlines:

  • Oct. 15: DuPage County Business Forum Welcomed Local Experts and Government Officials
  • Oct. 3:
  • Oct. 1:
  • Oct. 1: New Poll Shows Leslie Coolidge Competitive with Weak Peter Roskam in IL-6 Congressional District

14th Congressional District: Democrat Dennis Anderson vs. Republican Randy Hultgren

This is a district that, before redistricting, had been represented by Democrat Bill Foster and, before that, by former House Speaker Denny Hastert, a Yorkville Republican.

Randy Hultgren, R-Winfield, is the incumbent in this race, He faces Dennis Anderson, D-Gurnee

Recent headlines:

  • Oct. 1: Hultgren: Brace Yourself for Major Tax Bite in 2013
  • Aug. 2: Hultgren Expresses Optimism While in St. Charles
  • March 20: Anderson Easily Picks Up 14th District Democratic Nomination


16th Judicial Subcircuit 2

Two men are vying for the new judgeship. John Walters and John Dalton both are from Elgin. The Kane County Bar Association has recommended Walters but has not recommend Dalton. The Kane County Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Committee reviewed candidate questionnaires, interviewed the candidates and made inquiries of lawyers who have practiced with the candidates.  According to the bar association, the criteria for committee evaluation include the integrity, legal knowledge, legal ability, judicial temperament, diligence, punctuality, and professional experience of the candidate.

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kane county voter November 06, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Perhaps you should reference to this article and see sheriff Pat Perez's opinion on Coroner's race. http://batavia.patch.com/articles/democrat-martinez-gets-conservative-endorsement-in-coroner-s-race?ncid=newsltuspatc00000001
Daniel Janis November 06, 2012 at 04:08 PM
I thought I was back in Cook Co. when I early voted on Saturday and had the opportunity to vote in both the IL 6th and IL 14th Congressional races. I brought it to the attention of the election worker and was told it was correct. I haven't read my copy of the Constitution in a few years but I'm pretty sure it is one Congressman at a time. Of course, getting the county clerk's office to answer the question appears impossible.


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