Wilson Street Traffic Project Starts Sept. 24

Prepare for some delays as the city coordinates the lights at both Wilson and Rt. 25 intersections.

A project that will update and connect the downtown Batavia traffic signals begins on Monday, Sept. 24.

The project will start with the Wilson Street intersections at the north and south parts of Rt. 25 (Wilson and Washington Avenue, Wilson and South River Street).

The intersections are being coordinated with the completion of the Batavia Streetscape Project on North River Street, which is scheduled to reopen to traffic on Oct. 19.

This project is the first of three traffic signal modernization and interconnect projects planned in the downtown area in the next few years. Other intersection slated for updates include:

  • Wilson and Rt. 31 (2013)
  • Wilson and Island/Shumway Avenue (2013)
  • Main Street and Rt. 31 (2015)

What's New?

The modern portion of the project includes the complete replacement of the outdated traffic signal poles and equipment at the specified intersections.

The interconnect portion of the project includes synchronizing the traffic signals to improve traffic flow. Once all three projects are completed, all of the traffic signals in the downtown area will be synchronized to improve traffic circulation.

All three projects will be coordinated with the Illinois Department of Transportation. These projects are being funded primarily by the Illinois Department of Transportation, with non-participating items being funded by the City of Batavia.

Phase 2: Wilson and Rt. 31, Wilson/Island/Shumway

This portion will be completed in 2013 with the Wilson Street portion of the Streetscape Project. This project will interconnect this intersection to all of the traffic signals along Wilson Street.

Phase 3: Main Street and Rt. 31

This portion will be completed in 2015 with the Main Street Reconstruction Project. This third and final phase will complete the process to interconnect all of the traffic signals within the downtown area.

For more information on this project, visit the City of Batavia website.


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