Residents Curious About Batavia Power Outage Sunday

Some residents say they saw a flash of light before the power went out.

A flash of light near Mooseheart, a cloud of dust and a bunch of question marks followed a power outage for about an hour, generally between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Sunday night, residents reported.

Some city departments were closed Monday due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, so an official explanation will have to wait until Tuesday.

Residents reported on the Batavia Patch Facebook page that power was out in the area of North Jefferson, Jackson, McKee and North Batavia Avenue.

Here are the responses from good Patch readers/reporters to the question of whether they experience a power outage:

  • Marcia Boozell Krivus Yes, for about an hour between 10 and 11pm.
  • Mary Wheeler-Naylor We are on North Jefferson and we were out for about an hour as well
  • Bryan Schmidt I'm on Jackson, just north of McKee and we had no power. But the streetlight at Jackson and Houston was on. Go figure. I want to hear more about this flash of red light and the helicopters.
  • Keith Michael Johnson not on the northeast side of Batavia.
  • Stina Castellani Not on the SE side, as far as I remember!
  • Robin Christensen-Greene Must be alien invaders...conspiracy theorists.......GO7 hours ago · Like · 4
  • Dianna Rae North Batavia Ave was out also. What was it?
  • Lisa Jaremko Duewel We are on Republic Road and our power went out from 10-11. We also did see a flash as well.
  • Kurt Barbel I was on Randall by Mooseheart around 10:00pm and saw the flash of light. It lit up sky over the trees at Mooseheart looking north. Then saw all along Randall both side out of power. Really weird.
  • Nikki Ryan We are on McKee west of 31 and we were out for about an hour between 10 and 11 but the neighbors directly behind me were brightly lit. Does anyone know what it was? We just moved here from Chicago and it was so frustrating that when we called there was just a quick voicemail and no explanation . With Comed in the city we would always get a time frame at least. Glad it was a short time frame though!
  • Carole Bourassa Mill Pond was out.
  • Kathy Tumminaro I went to Steak n Shake at 1030. Power was already out from McKee- Fabyan. ( north of fabyan was ok.) Steakn Shake employees said they'd gotten a call- a transformer blew- and power would be out about an hour or so. Power was still on from Target ( though panda express was out) South on Randall. We live off 31 and Main- we were still good.
  • Jim Frazier Shouldn't you be telling us instead of asking us?
  • Ben Rottschafer Hey Nikki, Batavia's electric is tons better than comed, we moved out here 3 years ago. They re quick
  • Diane Augustine Wildy Heritage West did not lose power.
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