Lauzen Outlines Priorities for Kane County; Drew Frasz Selected as New Vice Chairman

On the Kane County website, new Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen sets his priorities in writing.

Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen has set his priorities and started a process to rearrange the structure of county government, including the creation of a "deputy chairperson" position.

According to the Kane County website, Lauzen reviewed with the County Board and the public his initial priorities for Kane County, which are basically the same as his campaign promises:

1. Freeze property tax levies

2. End cronyism

3. Introduce management best practices through innovation and austerity

Lauzen noted that Kane County's tax levy has increased 50 percent from 2003 to 2010 with Kane County Government growing at more than twice the rate of taxpayer income. That's why the first of his top priorities was to freeze the levies.

Lauzen said cronyism the practice of granting contracts and positions to friends or campaign contributors would not be an issue going forward—although the website does not say how that will be accomplished.

The chairman noted that by introducing new ideas and creative solutions efficiencies can be realized which would interpret to savings to taxpayers.

The Daily Herald reports that one of Lauzen's first moves was to seek the creation of a deputy chairperson, who would act as a sort of legislative whip.

According to the Daily Herald story, Lauzen appointed Drew Frasz as Kane County Board vice chairman.

Lauzen also proposed the creation of a Legislative Committee and a Jobs Committee. Lauzen said he would like a Republican and Democrat to serve as co-chairs of each committee.


SOURCES: Kane County website


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