Kane County Installs New Outdoor Recycling Containers


Kane County Government buildings are installing outdoor recycling containers throughout Kane County. 

With funds from the Riverboat Grant, the Division of Environmental and Water Resources has been able to provide public with the opportunity to recycle when visiting County facilities. 

This expands the established internal recycling program which has been in place for many years. Thank you in advance for helping us to further minimize waste and recover resources!

New recycling stations were installed at the Government Center in Geneva early this month. A recycling bin has also been installed at the entrance of the 3rd Street Court House in Geneva. 

The other County campuses, including the St. Charles Circuit Clerk & Traffic Court, the Aurora Health Department, the Aurora Court Services, and the Justice Center Complex will all see retrofits to existing bins in the coming month.

The new Uptown recycling stations, are made from recycled plastic, are designed to be weather resistant, and are labeled clearly for ease of public use. Each station has two openings, one blue Saturn-shaped opening for recycling (containers and paper) and one black square opening for landfill (trash). 

As you visit County buildings, please be mindful of where you deposit your discards, and recycle all paper and drink containers in the blue recycling bin! Coffee cups, napkins, candy wrappers, and food all need to go in the trash/landfill bin.


Like many projects completed by the County, this was a team effort. The Kane County Recycling Program Coordinator and manager of the program worked to source affordable and durable bins made of recycled content, as well as reuse the existing bins, retrofitting them to serve as recycling/trash sets. Facilities Maintenance personnel have and are working to install and retrofit the bins at the various other County buildings. Kane County custodial companies, Peterson and GSF, provide an invaluable key to the success of this new element in the Kane County Recycling Program. 


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