Aliano’s Reopens, All Health Department Tests Passed

The Kane County Health Department will still continue to look for a source of the salmonella, a spokesman said.

Aliano’s Ristorante in Batavia has passed all county health department tests, and is open for business as of Thursday, officials said.

The restaurant returned to its regular hours and full menu, a hostess confirmed. Batavia Patch drove by the restaurant as well—the restaurant's neon window signs were lit and the message about the closure was taken down.

"Not one shred of evidence was found to be a problem in our restaurant or with our employees," the restaurant announced Thursday afternoon on the official Aliano's Facebook page. "All tests and inspections of our restaurant passed with flying colors."

Aliano's employees tested negative two separate times, and the restaurant also passed a routine health inspection completed Sept. 20, said Tom Schlueter, Kane County Health Department spokesman.

"The environmental inspections have been done," Schlueter said. "They’ve cleaned and sanitized … the employees and food have all been tested negative."

on Sept. 14 while the Health Department looked into a possible link to six salmonella cases. All six people who had salmonella reported eating at the restaurant, Schlueter said.

"The Health Department will continue to look for a source of the salmonella," he said.

Aliano's was thrilled to announce their reopening. The restaurant said they do not hold any blame or anger towards the Health Department.

The rest of the message says:

We worked together with them to protect the public. Clearly, the supposed link to Alianos was found to be erroneous. In fact, we invite all of those to please come have a meal at Aliano’s Ristorante!! We are all in this community together, so don’t hesitate to eat in fine establishments like ours.

Schlueter said an incident like this one, in which the common link between salmonella cases does not turn out to be the actual source, is not an impossible situation.

Schlueter reemphasized on Thursday that the source of the salmonella might never be found, but it was not found at Aliano's.

Bulldog Smackdown September 23, 2012 at 07:29 PM
Bulldog you are not even as smart as a dog...smirk. Just kidding. You can sit and speak. That makes you as smart as a mutt.
The Bulldog September 23, 2012 at 07:35 PM
That's good Smackdown. You don't stick to the story reported here, you just make a fake account so you can personally attack people. Which I am sure is against the Terms of Service, which you had to agree to when you created your account. Nice try, but I give you a 3/10. Come back soon.
Bulldog Smackdown September 23, 2012 at 07:51 PM
No more "fake" than a little guy hiding behind an honorable mascot.
vet September 24, 2012 at 01:33 AM
What salmonella issue?? It was proven by the Health Department that there was no problem with salmonella at Aliano's. Why try to ruin a business based on innuendo?
Jay Jay October 07, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Just because they passed doesn't mean I would eat there again. The service and food is not "high" quality. Went there and the manager was rude, the server was slow and the food was overpriced. A lot of other restuarants in the area that are better!!


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