Prosecutors Drop Case Against Tri-Cities Adult Cited for Allowing Underage Drinking Party

Judge rules police didn't have necessary permission to be on private property.

Prosecutors recently dropped the case against a Geneva father accused of allowing a drinking party at his home over Homecoming weekend in 2011.

Prosecutors cited a lack of evidence when motioning to dismiss the case against Robert Caruso, who was cited under a law aimed to hold parents accountable for underage drinking in their homes.

Caruso successfully argued to have statements and evidence against him thrown out on claims Geneva police officers didn't have necessary permission to be on his property when they first observed a beer bottle near teens and then later talked to partygoers.

Prosecutors asked the judge to reconsider that ruling, arguing the bottle was visible from outside the property and that officers were within their rights while investigating an initial loud party complaint.

The denial of the reconsideration motion left prosecutors with nothing to move forward with in the case, prompting the dismissal.


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