Police Investigate Rt. 25 Shooting, Work Crime Scene (PHOTOS)

Police sought out why two men shot two other men in an apartment south of Butterfield Road on Tuesday. These photos detail some of the investigative work at the crime scene.

Multiple police departments in the Tri-Cities on Tuesday assisted with a day-long investigation into a home invasion and shooting in North Aurora.

The photos on this page illustrate some of the police work completed outside a building on the 100 block of South River Road (Rt. 25 south of Batavia).

The investigation findings are not public, but what police did reveal was that two men were shot by two other men in one of the building's apartments. Police were called to the scene at 7:05 a.m. Tuesday.

Crime scene investigators took photos and marked spots along the ground outside a building. At least one was from the Batavia Police Department and another from St. Charles Police.

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