Who's Your Favorite Batavia Teacher?

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10. Tell us who you appreciate, among today's teachers or teachers from the past you fondly remember.

Who was your best teacher ever?

Who's your favorite teacher now?

With Teacher Appreciation Week coming on May 6-10, now is a good time to say how much you value the people who educate us.

Let us know your favorite or "best ever" in the comments field, and if you've got one, share a photo of your favorite Batavia teacher with this article.

Here are just a few of your comments from Batavia Patch's Facebook Page:

  • Kristin Goldfine Mrs. Puttin at LWS and Mr. Lambillotte at RMS
  • Stephanie Bonier McKinney MR. KUSSRO!! 
  • Sarah Lindeman MR Habes
  • Chris Diehl Mr. Kettering. Only teacher that wouldn't voice their opinion on political issues and let us decided for ourselves and learn both political parties... Unlike most teachers preaching the about the left.

    Wish he went on to teaching at a college so I could take his classes again haha! 
  • Carrie Sebold Unequivocally Chad Clarey at Grace McWayne 
  • Cheryl Neumann John Heath (BHS), Bob Burtch (JB Nelson), Paige McCloud (MJHS/MHS), Susan Brozenec (JB Nelson), Sue Heath (JB Nelson)
  • Kristin Berman Chambers Mrs. O'Brien @ HC Storm best kindergarten teacher ever! 
    Mrs. Kitzmiller @ RMS! 
  • Elizabeth Sheets Mr. Jeffries, 8th grade teacher at Louise White School I think 1964 was his last year. 
  • Eric Karas Page McCloud
  • Richard Wagner Miss Doner,1st grade LWS, Ray Palm & Cliff Avis BHS.
  • Terri Lynn Chana Mate I had the pleasure of working with Miss Close (4th grade McWayne) for a year and it was an amazing experience! She was truly inspiring!
  • Alan P. Wolff Page mccloud, BILL Wood 
  • Mike Merrell Virginia Karstens, and Mr Christensen.
  • Terri Lynn Chana Mate I also had the great pleasure of working at the Early Childhood Center for 2 years with Korin Matter (autism expert who has since moved to another state) Susan Jones, Karen Nellis, and Deb Nielsen. 
  • Krissy Forde Hunecke Mrs. Harris- JB Nelson. 
  • Amanda Aasen I find it funny but Mr. Doug Drexler
  • Carlie Warner Horvath I must agree with Gwendolyn Kussro -- my favorite teacher was her dad, Mr. Kussro, at BHS. Fantastic teacher and a great man!
  • Judy Karpus Hall Phyllis Ream, hands down... to this day, I still remember many of the things she taught us about writing and literature
  • Debbie Ruh Nelson @Jon Bertalmio--my son had John Dryden and while there were some things that I don't agree with him on, as a teacher he taught my son alot about critical thinking and forming your own decisions and opinions and for that I applaud him!
  • Scott Dennin Forgot about Sue Heath and Mrs. Anderson from JBN.
  • Julie Saloga Sue Sololinski from AGS is my all time favorite teacher! She goes above and beyond what a teacher should do just to make a difference in a child's life. 
  • Heather Keenon Konsbruck Mrs. Colleen Barry Puttin and Mrs. Laura Papale from LWS! They are the best!
  • TeamWinnin NeverSlackin Suckers Mr.G Bhs
  • TeamWinnin NeverSlackin Suckers Mrs.Ring LWS
  • Christine Durlak My son would say Mr. Thomas at RMS
  • Angie Salutric-Collins Mr. Schmitz BHS
  • Christine Durlak My youngest son would choose Mrs. Barrett at HC Storm
  • Joe McGregory Mr. Holm BJHS
  • Rhianna Anderson Miss Close, from Grace McWayne, she was a wonderful teacher and as a new student at McWayne joining a class she had moved up with, she made sure to make me feel comfortable and welcome. 

    At BHS, I'd have to go with Mr. Renz and Mr. Holm. They made their class fun while still getting the lessons taught. Also, they we're very helpful when any student needed extra help.
  • Teresa Guillemot Mrs. Peck AGS, Mr. Thomas RMS!
  • Cariann Campobasso-Williams Judy Williams JB Nelson! For both 3rd & 6th grade...
  • Kelli Kraus Coonrod Mrs. Bird JB Nelson kindergarten teacher! Hands down:)
  • Maggie May Mrs. Sutherland at RMS, Mrs. Foster at GMW, Mr. Piron at BHS, Mrs. Smith at BHS, Mr. Kettering at BHS
  • Maggie May Mr. Habes at RMS, Mrs. McCloud at GMW
  • Becky Fazio Mr. John Heath (band BHS), Mrs. Laurie Ringe (when I had her she was at LWS but later moved to HWS), Mr. Cranston (American History BHS), Mr. Lesniak (band BHS), Mrs. Dickie (RMS), Ms. Stewart (LWS).
  • Jessie Black Sepulveda Mr. Schmitz BHS !!!2 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • Rebecca Metcalfe Rohan Mrs. Tousana @ AGS, Mr. Cox @ BJHS, Mr. Kussro @ BHS
  • 'Tricia Keene Wolfe My 21 year old and my 7 year old would say Mrs. Stierwalt hands down!! And I would also! ( AGS )
  • Annette McGreevy Ruh There are so many outstanding teachers in Batavia past and present we are so blessed. I have many favorites - Kussro Leben, Mauloff, Schulz, and on and on.
  • Patti Pearson-Kotz Coach Carlson. Sorry he is not on earth any more.
  • Jeff Brazener I never took any of his classes but I'd have to say Mr Heath. He always had a smile and always had something nice to say. It also seemed to me anyway he took the time to get to know every student around him whether it was in the hallway or in his classes.
  • Carole Hamilton Stammet Mr. Premer BHS, Mrs. Childress BHS, Mrs. Tousana AGS
  • Jessica Kammermann Hensley Mr. Schmitz at BHS, hands down.
  • Pam Moseley Back in the day for me it was Coach Carlson...
  • Melanie Cryer Brown Coach Carlson. It would be Jon Dryden if I were in school today
  • Julie Saloga Sue Sokolinski from AGS is my all time favorite teacher! She goes above and beyond what a teacher should do just to make a difference in a child's life!
  • John P. Jury Mr Cox at the old holy noir high, mr. Carter at the high school,
  • Gordana Vuckovich Schraft Mrs. Newman at LWS
  • Brad AndAmy Nelson I grew up in Batavia and had the most amazing teachers. My all time favorite was Kathy Hubbard and she inspired me to teach, which I did in Batavia until I had my first child 15 years ago. Now my husband teaches Batavia and carries on the tradition!! We live in a town with EXCELLENT teachers!!
  • Brad AndAmy Nelson And my 3 children have had some amazing teachers in Batavia as well- Kathy Hubbard being one of them!!
  • Trisha Wagner Ms. Burnham, Mrs. Krough, Mrs. Trinner and Ms. Johnson!
Cassandra Kelley May 02, 2013 at 02:39 AM
John Dryden! He sure did teach me how to think like an adult! Very cool guy to have met and learned under.
Luke Miller May 02, 2013 at 03:20 AM
Mrs. Anderson saved me from failing as a student and because of her I am now a teacher! Also, Mr. Holm, but I had him at the middle school, not the high school.
Melissa Buckley May 02, 2013 at 11:22 AM
Rob Buckley-RMS band. Very passionate about his work and has a great love of music. His passion about his work definitely inspires his students.
Amy Stoops May 02, 2013 at 02:09 PM
Miss Feldt changed my daughter's life. She helped her build confidence and show her how to learn. My daughter misses her and is thankful for having had her as her teacher.
Sean Tee June 22, 2013 at 02:13 PM
Amy Stoops is my favorite teacher. She is a cutie, a smart shopper, a snappy dresser and a fun dancer. She's a real all-American


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