This School District Cares!

Thanks to the local school district that rejected the request of its administration to raise the annual levy. At their recent meeting, elected Board Members made statements such as;

"With the state of our current economy, we cannot continue to overburden our taxpayers."
"If not now then when?"
"This district is simply going to have tighten its belt and figure out a way to save."
"How can we continue to ask for annual increases when many, many residents of the District are seeing decreases in their annual incomes?"

Of course none of this comes from the Batavia 101 District but from, wait for it, H I N S D A L E ! Thanks to the members of that School Board who clearly recognize the plight of all Illinois residents. By the way, I believe that both the median home value and median family income in Hinsdale is at least 5X those of Batavia not to mention their thriving downtown developed and paid for by private enterprise.

What a sad commentary that our School Board officials here felt that a few dollars of 'relief' was enough to fool the residents. This Board is tone deaf to our community and I sincerely hope that candidates can be found to replace them all and introduce a level of sound financial discipline into this wasteful entity before it's too late.
JT December 27, 2013 at 03:50 PM
I agree. These people need to be replaced with people whom know what its like to tighten belts. The Batavia school board must go.


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