Problems with Pension -- The Continuation ...

Unions fight not to pay the pension they O' you!
Unions fight not to pay the pension they O' you!

    Verdon who received a phone call from the "Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust" June 3rd, 2014 by; Staff Specialist Mowery.  The phone call was about the confirmation of receiving an appeal by Verdon. The pension specialist said, " the appeal by the "Benefits Review Committee of the Board of Trustees" will make a final decision on Verdon's appeal.

     The Staff Specialist Mowery had questions about Verdon's previous employers.  Verdon read over the phone a letter dated March 3rd 2000 by: Office of Personnel Management in Washington D.C.  the letter was drafted and written by: Phillip Spottwood  a Pre-Employment Medical Section.

      The letter from Phillip Spottwood was in reference to Verdon's "Post Office Position for Clerk." Spottwood said, "The United States Postal Service has made a tentative determination and are not qualified for the position of Clerk, because of medical or physical conditions."Spottwood  Reviewed the medical documentation submitted by; Verdon and related material. The previous employers that Verdon had were deciding factors, Costco's Workman's Comp claims of Verdon in 1994 and 1995. Which would put Verdon in the qualifier for a "Disability Retirement Pension" by the Teamsters rules and regulations.

        The Pre-Employment Medical Analyst- Phillip Spottwood, also concluded that Verdon's injuries form previous employers such as Costco a Teamster employer that his medical conditions presented an unacceptable safety and health risk and is likely to adversely affect his ability to preform the full range of duties for the position of " Post Office-Clerk," say's Spottwood of the "Office of Personnel Management in Washington D.C."

       Spottwood throws an ounce of regret to Verdon saying " We regret that a more favorable determination could not be reached in his case."

       Anyhow, Pension Specialist Mowery - Said, If the Teamsters do decide to grant Verdon a Disability Pension, they'll payback to the Social Security Award date of June 13, 2013.  Otherwise Verdon needs to get a Lawyer and sue the "Western Conference of the Teamsters Pension Trust!"

     The Benefits Review committee meet once each quarter. And Verdon's appeal is currently scheduled for consideration by the Committee at it's September 2014 meeting. The Committee may determine they need more time other wise a decision will be rendered.

Sincerely Yours,

Eddie Verdon

Libyan Disabled War Veteran and Retired Vested Teamster


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