Letter to the Editor: Vote No on Amending State Constitution

League of Women Voters of Central Kane County opposes a provision requiring a super-majority vote on pension reform, which the League says would put control into the hands of the minority.

On November 6th, Illinois voters will vote on a proposal to amend the Illinois Constitution. This proposal would amend the Constitution to require a 3/5s majority vote of each chamber of the Illinois General Assembly, as well as the governing bodies of any unit of local government, school district, or pension or retirement system in order to increase a benefit under any public pension or retirement system.

The League of Women Voters of Illinois opposes this proposal and urges voters to vote no.

The League’s opposition is unrelated to the pension issues the proposal raises but rather focuses on the 3/5s majority requirement. The League of Women Voters strongly supports governmental systems that are transparent, representative, accountable and responsive. By requiring a super majority, this amendment, if passed, would strip the deliberative decision-making authority of governmental units and cede that authority to the minority. The League agrees with the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure that “whenever a vote of more than a majority is required to take an action, control is taken from the majority and given to the minority. The higher the vote required, the smaller the minority to which control passes.

Further, it is the League’s position that the Constitution is not the proper place to remedy a larger problem with a narrow, single solution, in this case, pension reform. If the General Assembly thinks this provision is necessary, it should consider introducing and passing legislation to modify the existing statute not codifying it in the Constitution.

The blue book that voters received from the Illinois Secretary of State provides the language of the amendment. We encourage voters to take a look at it, reflect on the League position and then consider this Amendment’s effect when they vote on November 6th.

Sarah L.Collins,

president, League of Women Voters of Central Kane County

Max October 17, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Very questionable reasoning above. The smallest possible minority -- one -- ALWAYS controls the vote, no matter the majority required. It's the maneuvering to be that special "one" that is key for many legislators. But more importantly, it absolutely should take a super-majority to enact any measure which places an expanded financial burden on the general population.


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