Please Help Spread the Word For Dentists With a Heart

Throughout the month of February, local dentists are donating their time and talents to help people in need. Can you help them spread the word?

Dentists With a Heart
Dentists With a Heart
Organizers are asking for help spreading the word to folks in need of free dentistry as part of the Dentists With a Heart campaign.

"The periodontists I work for along with other dentists and dental specialist in Tri-City are opening up their offices for one day each, during the month of February to the needy in our community! We began participating in this event over the last four year in an effort to help out during a very rough economy!  This event is hosted through the Fox River Valley Dental Society. 

"If you know of anyone who may have fallen on hard times and could really use a free dental cleaning or have a tooth or two extracted, please pass on the attached flier," said Brenda Francis, who works with Martin L. Kolinski, DDS, and Tricia R. Crosby, DDS, MS.

"Unfortunately last year, we did not get the turnout we expected or had the year prior. It is a shame! I believe we may not have gotten the word out effectively enough, so I am trying to do my part by tapping into my personal and business network to help reach everyone we can for 2014."

For complete information on all areas you can visit the website for this event at dentistwithaheartonline.org.

Francis emphasizes that there are no questions asked or identification taken. 
"We just ask for basic information such as any health concerns, name and address only. There are no restrictions," she said. "We only turn patients away if we run out of time to service them. Most offices are on a first come, first serve basis, but several are by appointment only."
If you'd like to hang a poster, contact Francis at 630-377-4677.

Dentists With a Heart Schedule

Feb. 4: 8a – Noon Dr. Brian Penniall (No extractions) 
 40W330 LaFox Rd., Ste C1, St. Charles

Feb. 5: 9a – 1p Dr. Lynn O. Lipskis (Routine extractions) 
 Dr. Edmund Lipskis 
 Dr. Krysta L. Lilland 
 516 E. Main Street, St. Charles

Feb. 5: 8a – Noon Dr. Elizabeth Sacrey (No extractions) 
 Dr. Scott Capper 
 328 N. Anderson Blvd., Geneva 

Feb. 7: 8a – Noon Dr. Timothy Skidmore (No extractions) 
 Mill Creek Dental 
 9W250 Herrington Blvd, Ste F1, Geneva 

Feb.7: 9a – 1p Dr. Rose Vivirito (No extractions) 
 By Appointment Only - (630) 377-9007 
 2210 Dean Street, Suite J1, St. Charles 

Feb. 10: 8a – 2p Dr. Melissa Jentz-Cote (No extractions) 
 Geneva Family Dental 
 2631 Williamsburg Ave, Geneva 

Feb. 12: 9a –1p Dr. Robert Davidson (No extractions) 
 708 N. Main Street, Elburn

Feb. 13: 8a – 5p Dr. Tricia Crosby (Routine extractions) 
 Dr. Martin Kolinski 
 525 Tyler Road, Suite E, St. Charles

Feb. 13: 1p – 5p Dr. John Koechley (No extractions) 
 420 S. Batavia Avenue, Batavia

Feb. 14: 8a – 1p Dr. John Mason (Routine extractions) 
 Dr. Denise Kissell 
 2035 Foxfield Drive, Suite 103, St. Charles

Feb. 20: 7a – 12p Dr. Stephen Lavrisa (Routine Extractions) 
& 1p – 4p All About Your Dental Care 
 2631 Williamsburg Ave, Ste 103, Geneva

Feb. 28: 8a – 2p Dr. Keven Arnold (Routine Extractions) 
 By Appointment Only - (630) 443-4545 
 2020 Dean Street, Suite C, St. Charles

R G January 26, 2014 at 07:25 AM
Fairview dental in Aurora is also doing this.


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