St. Charles Alderman Regrows Business With Former Staff and New Faces

Third Ward Alderman Bill Turner has become one of St. Charles' newest business owners.

St. Charles Alderman and retiree Bill Turner took a part-time delivering flowers for 5th Avenue florists two years ago.

When the business closed in December, he sprang to save the design integrity of the building and the jobs of employees with whom he had become so close.

"I didn't have any prior experience in the floral industry," Turner said, "but I loved the people so much. I knew I could help save their jobs and count on them to continue the business's success."

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With the help of office manager Marissa Walker and floral designer Debi McGlinn, both former 5th Avenue employees, Turner re-opened the floral showroom at 2702 W. Main St last week.

"This building was meant to be a floral store and design showroom," Turner said. "It's the perfect layout for what it is—a flower shop."

St. Charles Florists is at 2702 W. Main St., in St. Charles. The shop can be reached by calling 630-443-4770 or online


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