O'Brien's in Batavia is Finalist in Readers' Choice Contest

The pub was one of the top 5 choices, along with spots in Geneva and St. Charles. All will be busy today during St. Patrick's Day.

It was kind of nice, the for favorite place for a pint on St. Patrick's Day.

Nice because each of the Tri-Cities were well represented, and because the places with the clearly Irish names rose to the top. The No. 1-2-3 vote-getters in the poll alone were in St. Charles, in Geneva and in Batavia.

When you think "Irish" in St. Charles, you think "McNally's," and that's the place that takes the official moniker of "2012 Readers' Choice" winner. Some comments:

"McNally's Irish Pub on Main Street in STC is the real deal!" — Rich Hamilton

"McNally's has the best outdoor seating area and the food is Great!!" — Jack Martin

"Go to McNally's, and then tell me, which is the 'authentic' Irish pub, in this vote! Winner, hands down!!! Say 'HI' to Maurice, he's 'full of the blarney'!! Great place!!! — Robert Poznanski

"Mc Nally's is the best place to spend St. Patty's day...especially if the O'Brien brothers are playing!!!" — Molly Hansen

The savvy voters also entered reviews and comments in addition to voting in the poll. Reviews got 5 points, comments 3 and poll votes 1.

The official "top five" scores were:

  • McNally's = 56
  • Claddagh = 19
  • Cabooses = 10
  • Dam Bar & Grill = 9
  • O'Brien's Pub & Grill = 8 (tie)
  • Chord on Blues = 8 (tie)

Thank you to all who participated. Eighteen of the 23 bars in the poll got at least one vote, so it was fun to see that folks are paying attention.

More comments:

"is the place to go...if you've never had a Black & Blue (Guiness and Blue Moon), you gotta try it." — John Walsh

"The has a great staff everynight and good food. This is a good place with friendly people. Dana is the best Bartender!" — Jeff Amacher

"I am spending the whole day at Chord on Blues. They have bar Olympics on the bar and patio side. Then I am heading to the stage side at 9 pm to hear deep 6 and Modern Day Romeos. It is going to be a a fun filled at Patrick's day!!!!" — Belle L.


NEXT WEEK'S READERS' CHOICE: What's you favorite greenhouse or nursery? Get ready to vote, comment and review, starting Monday!


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