Apple's iPad 3 Rollout in Geneva Draws Small Crowd

A small crowd of people arrived early to snatch up the new iPad 3, just out Friday, but there were no long lines or a frenzied crush at Best Buy's doors.

I got the golden ticket, and I'm back home ready to fire up my new iPad3. The desire to upgrade from the first iPad (the one without a camera) was great, but not so great for me to want to endure the frenzy we keep seeing at the Apple Stores. 

I got my previous iPad at Best Buy at 1876 S. Randall Road and figured my desire was worth about a half hour's wait. I pulled up to the store about 9:25 a.m. and only saw a few cars in the lot and a few blue-shirted Best Buy employees. By the time I walked over to the doors, there were three other guys there, with more people arriving. 

With inventory tickets piled in neat folders, we each gave our order and got our respective tickets for our purchase, ensuring that we got one. Several of us (myself included) got on our cell phones to tell our significant others that we would indeed be going home with our prize.

The crowd grew and included just about everyone; men and women of various ages and even families with strollers and kids in tow. As the doors opened promptly at 10 a.m., we took our tickets to the various counters that had been set up and very orderly waited in line to complete the purchase. 

Gotta love Tri-Cities folks. Such a civil bunch.

Now I've gotta go try out my new iPad3. 


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