Festival of the Vine a Great Showcase for Geneva's Smalltown Charm

Kane County residents come out to view art, take part in wine tasting and sample a little of everything that Geneva has to offer.

The crisp air, the start of the foliage, and to top it all off, Geneva's Annual . Indeed, autumn is certainly upon us.

Hundreds of people from all across the Kane County area came to our little town's annual harvest celebration. This festival started out as a literal festival of the vine, celebrating anything that grew on a vine. However, as years went on, the festival eventually evolved into a celebration of practically everything Geneva had to offer during the fall season, including wine, dining, live music, small shops and fine art.

Not only does the festival bring countless people to Geneva but also helps fledgling businesses advertise their assorted items, including many small shops recently rented out in the Geneva area.

Not only do the town’s businesses come out to greet people, but many other activities are set up all across town, including art shows, a complimentary trolley and even festive, fall horse-drawn carriage rides.

Although many businesses profit from the annual festival, most of the staff of these establishments will agree that the best part of the autumn celebration doesn't come from the fine dining and wine tasting. 

"My favorite part of Geneva during the festival would probably be all the people walking by on the streets!" said Mary Garcia of Kevin Haddle's Maxillofacial Aesthetic.

"Oh yes, definitely!" agreed companion Tracy Krueger, "Getting to work out here on the streets during the festival introduces you to all of these nice people!"

Indeed, the festival brings out Geneva's good side. The people who come out to this festival not only get to sample the great food and wine, but also experience that classic smalltown vibe many Americans strive to find. 

"The people of this town really make you feel like you're in a great city," said Dan Yotz, the owner of the Sound Sculptor Recording Studio. "It's just a nice community to live in—it definitely has that smalltown feeling but has accessibility to a lot of different resources."

The town of Geneva has definitely churned out some of the best smalltown tourism in the state of Illinois. Every fall, Geneva promises to allow people to experience everything the small town has to offer in the Festival of the Vine—and if that promise holds up, who would want to live anywhere else?

Tom Jennings September 11, 2012 at 09:28 PM
This event is only good for the Geneva Chamber. These festivals are a real pain in the behind for most business operating in Geneva. The chamber is the one who benefits financially.
Kim September 12, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Really?? A pain in the behind for most business owners? I think all that think that should just close their doors during the festivals - or better yet, move to another part of the city - Randall Road?? where you don't have to partake in the festivals! Many people are drawn to Geneva because of the festivals and come back to spend their money after the festivals are over. Is it a lot of work? Absolutely! BUT the alternative - NOT having customers is something they should keep in mind...In this economy - that's a real possiblity!
Jason September 12, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Wonderful event! Makes me proud to live (and work) in Geneva.
Noel G. Rooks September 12, 2012 at 02:41 PM
It was fun, and I shopped at one of the stores while I was there. Win win.
TJ September 12, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Kim sounds like she works for the Geneva Chamber..... Kim, what is the name of your business in down town Geneva ? I saw adults drinking under a tent.......Not shopping.


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