Geneva's Got Talent Competition—Call for Auditions

What would you do with $1,000? While it's not mega millions money, it is still impressive. Sign up to audition for a chance!

Pull that sax out of the closet, start warming up your vocals in the shower, grab the cape, black hat and wand from the basement— is looking for you! If you have a talent that can amaze a crowd and impress a panel of judges, the Geneva Chamber of Commerce wants to hear from you.

The four audition judges—Mary Hooper, Beckie Untiedt, Heather Klaus and Steve Lord—are preparing themselves for an incredible exhibition of talent.

“Geneva’s Got Talent” auditions will be held May 20 in Geneva. Only the first 75 applications received will be invited to audition and vie for a chance to perform during Swedish Days for a chance at $1,000 cash prize. You do NOT have to live in Geneva to apply. 

Rules and the application can be found at  ww.genevachamber.com/swedishdays.html.  For more information, please  call 630-232-6060.


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