Weather Experts Say Expect Plenty Of Snow This Winter

Meteorologists report that we could get as much as 58 inches of the white stuff—twice the average annual amount.

Get a new spark plug for the snowblower and change the oil. It looks like it'll get plenty of use this winter, if the weather predicters are right.

The national forecasting service Accuweather.com predicts the Chicago area could see as much as 58 inches of snowfall, twice what we get in an average winter. 

The snow removal team at DuPage Airport says it's ready and waiting for Old Man Winter to bring it on. 

"We're ready for the coming winter, thanks to efficient snow-removal operations, additional vehicles and the most effective de-icing materials on the market," airport Executive Director David Bird said. 

He said the airport's main runway, which is the longest in Illinois outside of O'Hare, can be cleared away in less than 45 minutes. 

Fifteen people make up the airport's snow team as they provide 24-hour snow removal service. The airport has won numerous awards for its snow removal, including the Bernt Balchen award for exemplary work in airport maintenance during the winter season. 

Who knew there was an official award for clearing snow?

The Kane County Office of Emergency Management is ready as well. The county's severe winter storm plans include new technologies and procedures to better coordinate a county-wide response, while at the same time improving communication with the public. 

The OEM will conduct briefings with municipalities with a Homeland Security web-based conferencing tool that will allow all the parties to share pre-storm related information for better collaboration. 

The OEM also plans to use the emergency alerts and road closures feature on the county's website and also social media tools such as Twitter. (@KaneCountyOEM).

Storm Nielsen December 11, 2011 at 03:11 PM
Hmmm. If you had been listening to WGN meterologist, Tom Skilling, you might have learned that winters with late arriving snows, such as the present are historically found to be lighter than normal in snowfall amounts.
Sandy Kaczmarski December 12, 2011 at 03:11 AM
Well, we'll have to see who's right: Tom or Accuweather. Both have proven to be fairly reliable, and agree most of the time. After last year, I could use a break!
robert poznanski December 12, 2011 at 03:19 PM
Despite all of our computer forecasting abilities, large record data spanning centuries, and radar, it all boils down to the old, 50/50 rule,its either going to be snowy, or not! This is the Chicago area, and that means, if you are not from around here, you can be sure that nobody is "sure", of what the weather, will actually, or even eventually, be! It is the biggest joke,in the midwest, that meteorologist,is just another term, for liar!


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