Viewfinder: Setting Up Swedish Days

Each year, the annual downtown festival gets a little bigger and better, and the Monday before the start is filled with frantic activity.

On the Monday before Swedish Days, Geneva gets ready.

If you were an alien presence looking down from outer space at this little corner of the Earth on Monday, June 20, 2011, it might look like ants building the world's most fun anthill.

The courthouse lawn is being mowed, the weed whackers are in full gear. The portable potties are being unloaded. The carnival is rising from the ground like a wildflower, flashing color and the sweet promise of fried dough and snow cones as a swarm of worker bees buzz about. Tents rise everywhere. The service clubs' heavy lifters are bringing in the propane and stoves and equipment they need to serve up food for the tens of thousands who will pass their way for 12 hours a day from Tuesday through Sunday.

Attached here are some of the images that signal the progress and sound the trumpets.

Swedish Days begins tomorrow.


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