Hubble Gyms Completion, Winter Sports Delayed Until Early February

The gyms at the former Hubble school will be completed about a month later than planned.

Winter athletics at the old Hubble school building will begin a few weeks late, in early February after a delay in construction at the school.

Bergen Construction Corp. in September signed on to renovate the gyms for the Wheaton Park District, with plans to receive a for a Jan. 1 completion. Parks Executive Director Mike Benard said Thursday the delay is due to a backorder of custom-made air handlers. 

The park district partnered with Bradford Equities, LLC, the developer buying the District 200 property and building a Mariano's Fresh Market at the corner of Naperville and Roosevelt roads.

The park district bought a portion of the Hubble school building from Bradford for $3 million to maintain its gym and outdoor recreation space. 

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