East Side, West Side, Alec Baldwin Was All Around the Town

Savvy Patch readers spot the famed actor all over the place, and his visit sounds like it did have to do with family.

As usual, the Patch commenters and Facebook friends responded to our questions and had far more to report on Alec Baldwin's recent visit.

From the various reported celebrity sightings, the actor was all over the place, from Sounds Like Music and Geneva Running Outfitters to the Blue Goose and Wok 'N Fire.

Yes, the very man who plays Santa Claus in Rise of the Guardians was ho-ho-ho-ing around the Tri-Cities for the Thanksgiving holiday. And at the same time our family was watching Rock of Ages "On Demand," the actor who played legendary rock club owner Dennis Dupree might have been damanding the fine ice cream at Kimmer's.

Geneva Patch Facebook

  • I saw that he went to Kimmer's Ice Cream in St. Charles a few days ago.
  • Heard he went to Arcedium Coffeehouse a couple days ago.
  • It's like he's living my life!
  • Blue Goose on Wed.
  • Can we take up a collection and send him home...?
  • Heard he was at Egg Harbor Wednesday.
  • " Rich 50 is better than middle class 38 "
  • My husband and daughter were behind him in line at Kimmer's on Tuesday night. They said he was extremely friendly : - )
  • Hehe...he was friendly because he wasn't on the phone with his daughter...sorry...had to do it!
  • wonder why...
  • I heard his niece and nephew live near Kimmer's in St. Charles.
  • I think Anne saw him, or some of her friends did. I can't remember which ...
  • Yes he was at wok n fire!
  • He was at my work Wednesday! Arcedium Coffehouse!
  • This is so funny, cause I haven't seen him. But his niece lives down the street from us:)



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