Love can be expensive

Love is in the air as Valentine’s day approaches.  On the most romantic of all holidays many choose this time to propose marriage. 

Then reality sets in. Cupid may shoot arrows of love but weddings are not cheap. 

The ring of her dreams, a romantic spot for dinner, then the details of getting hitched itself including the banquet hall, a wedding cake and gifts for the wedding party all require cash.

If a quick check of the bank account shows you’re coming up short and your next payday is a week off, you may need to do what several AmericashLoan customers have done and get a short term loan to properly pop the question.

 In Aurora the AmericashLoan manager there was on duty when a customer came in recently saying he had to pop the question and needed money for that special ring.  He had come to the right place. He quickly got the cash and apparently not one to wait long he says if all goes according to plan a spring wedding is in the works.

 Getting a quick loan to make a perfect day is not unusual.

The manager of the AmericashLoans storefront at 87th Street and Stony Island  says a customer came in late last year in tears after discovering the wedding cake she thought was being arranged by her banquet hall was not included in the price.

With payday a couple weeks away and short on cash she had come to the right place.  After receiving the needed funds the tears dried and the wedding plans moved forward.

 A few weeks later bride and groom came in and paid off the loan, then shared their wedding day photos with the entire staff at the store.  

Need a little cash to make Valentine’s Day special? Got to goo.gl/nGuw1G and find a location nearby your home.


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