Just 2 Left!!!

Thank you for eveyone that helped us save our pups...now we have just TWO MORE that we couldn't leave behind!!! See the pictures of the BEAUTIFUL 7 month old lab and BO...they will be here tomorrow and have no place to go!!!! Will you help us???
When you foster you can choose to adopt OR help them find their fur-ever homes…it’s up to you. If you choose not to adopt (which is PERFECTLY FINE)…Casey’s Dog Rescue promises you that we will feature them in all of our postings and seek homes EVERY WEEK until they find the perfect family. Seriously, we are committed to getting them a forever home…they just need a safe house until then! Or maybe you are that forever home? Again…up to you!

We pay for EVERYTHING - Food, Crates, Toys, Vetting...you provide LOVE.
If you can help please email Kathy atCaseysdogs@yahoo.com ASAP! 

Fostering is a very rewarding experience for the entire family! I hear people say how lucky each puppy was to have a foster but it is the other way around. Each dog and puppy has impacted us in such a profound and amazing way. Each puppy has filled our hearts and lives with even more love than we knew we could ever feel. It is not easy loving them so much and then sending them on to their forever home. BUT…it is the BEST DAY of the pup’s entire life!!!


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