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Batavia Enterprises, Inc October 14, 2013 at 11:57 AM
UPDATE: Due to the holiday, their lawyer and Realtor said they have through Wednesday to raise theRead Morem oney. Thank you all for your support!
Batavia Enterprises, Inc October 17, 2013 at 10:05 AM
Thank you to all who helped save this family's home! Here's a note from Andrew Jones: Just 3 weeks Read Moreago I had no means to to stop my home from going to Sheriff's sale. The shame and fear that I had prayed against moment to moment for the past 6 months was tightening it's grip. "In this world you will have trouble..." God doesn't guarantee a house, health, family, or even lasting meaningful relationships. It seems the only thing He guarantees is "trouble" Sarah Engel-jones kept telling me to pick my head up. She meant that literally. This trial was a magnet, dragging every past shortcoming and failure along with it. I guess it was a magnifying glass too, because every one of those flaws was large in my mind and in horrifying detail. I had to cling to prayer and the Bible like a lifeline. I failed at that too. Despair seemed to winning this long and protracted war. "...but fear not. I have overcome the world." I will be spending the majority of my day talking to real estate lawyers and bankers. Some of which have heard this story. They are dumbfounded, some with decades of experience who have never heard of anything like what you have done for my family. I said it last night, and I'll say it again. You have redeemed more than a home. More than a object in which a family lives. You have "bought back" our hope. You have redeemed our future. I have a story to tell because of you. A hope to share. A story my children will hear time and time again as they grow. A story they will tell their children and their children's children. A story they'll tell their friends. A witness to the what God can do with a surrendered heart. My children will understand the importance of community in tangible way that others in their generation and mine rarely experienced. In a couple words. Thank you! Thank you for donating on the page, and for the art auction, and for the fundraising event. Thank you for your donations, large and small, your prayers. For all those who helped organize these events and pages, and for those who shared. I can tell my kids that hundreds….Let that sink in…HUNDREDS of people loved you enough to give their time, energy, and resources, expecting nothing in return, gathering tens of thousands of dollars in just 15 days!!! Again, thank you, thank you. Nothing else seems remotely adequate to express what has happened here. Thank you!